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Saturday, April 25, 2020

What we need to do to get success...........!


Friends, you know, success and failure depend on each other. To get success, we have to go through failure for thousands of times, which shows that success is not so easy.
Failure is the way a person defeats the blockage of his destination. The number of times he gets failure is the new idea in his work
Success depends on failure
Success is our destination, but failure is the way to our success, its joy is something else.

• To get success one must taste failure!
• Friends, we do not listen to anyone, just listen to our mind, due to which we fail!
• Friends, we humans learn from our mistakes, mistakes make humans invent new ideas!


• Success introduces us to the world and failure introduces us to the world!
• In failure, we run after the world, but after being successful, the world runs after us. What is the game of time? Runs behind the SUCCESSFUL logo.
• Time, success and failure is the teacher ....... who teaches us everything .. time is important..........................................