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Monday, May 4, 2020

Make Money Online

2 Simple Ways to Make Money Online


Friends, we know that this time is very bad due to corona virus.

Income is not coming from anywhere. Money is going from the pocket, so what should we do so that we can earn money while staying at home?

Your brother has brought 2 methods for you.

I know this method is very old, but if you use these method according to my idea, then you will get 100% SUCCESS.

What a method to be followed.


This method for SPECIAL STUDENTS is 1-2 hours FACEBOOK, TIK TOK, INSTAGRAM, WHATS APP etc. WASTE their time. SORRY Friends, I know you will feel bad but this is true. We do WATSE on our TIME SOCIAL MEDIA. Can we not earn money from SOCIAL MEDIA? From today you PROMISE yourself NO TIME WASTE. If you are playing with time today, then time will play with you in future. That's why you understand the importance of time.




E-COMMERCE COMPANY like AMAZON, FLIPKART, E-bay, Myntra, Shopclues etc. These online company connect a person like us to their company to sell their product, that person on their facebook, whats app, instagram etc social media their product Sell.

It is very simple, we can join a big company like amazon for free and sell their product and commission us on every product like for example someone from our social media takes mobile which is of 10000 rupees and we have it You will get 12% from it, without doing anything, we got the benefit of 1200. This is called affiliate marketing. It is very simple, friends, how much money was spent on social media after spending a little time.




Friends BLOGGING is such a PLATEFORM through which we can earn millions by writing ARTICLE on someone like we are cooking, travel, movie, biopic, health, politics, news etc.

How to earn money from BLOGGING?

Friends, you understand that in today's time, BLOGGING has become very difficult and it is very difficult to make money, but friends, it is all wrong, it is all your illusion that earning money is easy but logic has changed.

Neil Patel is an India blogger, he speaks to his subscriber, it is easy to make money from blogging, then his subscriber speaks to him, whenever Neel Patel speaks, it is easy when his subscriber challenges him to earn money from new blog id. Let's show and speak blogging in a field in which you don't know anything, Neil Patel accepts his challenge. Neel Patel started a blog on nutrition, about which he did not know anything. Neil Patel speaks to his subscriber in 12 months and will show me earning 70 lakhs.

 Now you learn step by step! how can new blogger improve. You can become an advance blogger by following the article

Step-1 Those old domains are good for SEO, GOOGLE RANK them quickly. Take us an old domain anytime, which will make it easier for us to rank.

Step-2 Neil Patel created facebook page and facebook advertised his blog so that 50000 people saw him in a day and follow his blog id.

Step-3 Neil Patel did search. He checked what content is on the nutrition side and which website is linked to his comptetitor website, Neil Patel contacted the website link which he has from his comptitor website, you put a link to my website on your website, it would benefit Is Google reffer to those sites whose backlink from site to other site did this work by Neil Patel after that one of his articles became famous what sugar withdrwal feels like this article was liked by people very much.

Step-4 Neil Patel searched and saw on his site who is liking his article, then contacted him and asked him, you should read the article on who else.

Step-5 Neil Patel saw more than 1 lakh people are looking at my site, so why did they not think that affiliate marketing should be done so that more money can be made. Then he thought of selling fish oil, his fish oil sold well and earned 1.5 lakh in a month. Now you can teach social media is dependent on each other.
Neel Patel earned 84 lakhs in 12 months from blogging

Friends, in 12 months, by studying something like this, we can earn 84 lakhs. Learning to earn money is very important. Without knowledge, we are nothing, so we should not sit vacant all the time.